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Extract value from data and information insights

Release the true power of your data to drive your organisation on its digital transformational journey.

We help medium to large enterprises plan and manage their digital journey.

However, to extract the greatest value from the raw material that sits beneath the surface, you must be able to mine, refine and distribute it effectively. It’s a transformational journey to richer insights, greater capability and heightened organisational performance, all fuelled by big data analytics, cloud, mobility and social business.

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Extracting value from data

Offering a range of services to transform the way you use and control data, Logicalis provides continual support and advice through each step of your journey.

Understand true data value

Help you to understand the potential of data-driven marketing.

Diagnose and resolve issues

Diagnostic and resolutions to uncover and resolve challenging situations.

Truly customised support

Bespoke one-to-one support to handle systemic problems with continuous updates on logged issues.

Improve customer experience

Add value to online and offline customer interactions, improve customer engagement and increase customer loyalty by personalising the entire customer experience.

Using data to innovate

Global law firm uses data to innovate and provide higher quality customer service.

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Unlock your business potential

Logicalis Advisory Services is an overarching intelligence practice with a data consultancy focus. We help you to understand the potential of data that you generate and hold, how to get the most value from it and then plan a secure pathway to sustainable digital growth.

Together we will release the true and full value of your data.

Unlock data value

Unlocking the value of data, it turns it into meaningful information and actionable insights to make more informed decisions.

Faster decisions

Analyse information instantly, enabling you to make decisions based on deeper and richer insights.

Cost reduction

Big data technologies provide significant cost reductions in the way large amounts of data are stored.

Uncover possibilities

Gain the ability to quantify customer needs and measure satisfaction through analytics enabling you to create better products and services.

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