A decade of insight reveals the future of tech leadership in the Logicalis Global CIO Report 2024

Australia, Apr 1, 2024

In the ever-changing landscape of tech leadership, we are pleased to deliver the first Australian CIO Report, offering a localised perspective on the global findings. We like to think of the Logicalis CIO Report as a steadfast guide, reflecting the pulse of change in the industry. As we celebrate the 10th Anniversary of this groundbreaking report, we hope it continues to serve as a roadmap to the future, a visionary lens to what lies ahead. 

Our research among one thousand CIOs across the world shows that the community is leaning into the changes ahead and rising to the challenges.

Bob Bailkoski, CEO Logicalis Group

Visionary Leadership in the Face of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

In the Australian CIO Report we delve into the imperative for visionary leadership amidst the Fourth Industrial Revolution driven by Generative AI. CIOs have a pivotal role in reshaping industries and 92% of Australian CIOs are actively seeking opportunities to incorporate AI into their business

The role of the CIO is rapidly evolving to spearhead the integration of AI within IT, navigating the landscape of emerging AI solutions, while capitalising on opportunities for innovation and efficiency. 

Fadi Barghouthy, Senior Director Partner Technology, Microsoft

We do, however, acknowledge concerns about AI's impact on core business propositions. With 92% implementing formal AI policies, visionary CIOs are not only embracing innovation but also steering a cautious course, ensuring a responsible integration of transformative technologies.

Navigating the Next Era of Security with Hypervigilant Curiosity

The report also explores how CIOs in Australia are navigating the escalating threats within the cybersecurity landscape. The statistics are staggering with 91% of Australian CIOs reporting a cyber hack in the past year, compared to 83% globally, with the consequences ranging from reputation damage to regulatory fines.

The report accentuates the need for hypervigilance, a delicate balance between intense curiosity and paranoia. In a time of economic pressure, CIOs must determine their security posture and weigh the costs pre- or post-incident.

Using AI analytics tools that allow us to look across multiple domains, attack patterns become very clear. CIOs must embrace this new era and rethink the way security is built and delivered in their organisation to help reduce risk and increase resiliency. 

Tom Gillis, SVP and GM Security at Cisco

Balancing Profit and Purpose in Sustainable Tech Leadership

With a focus on sustainability the report examines how CIOs navigate the delicate balance between profits and purpose. A resounding 92% of Australian CIOs are increasing investments in environmental sustainability initiatives. Moreover, 99% assert their function's involvement in overall sustainability planning, marking a clear increase in responsibility.

Despite the progress, the report identifies challenges such as lack of clarity on priorities and difficulties in collecting comprehensive data. Collaboration within the technology industry becomes imperative, and CIOs now recognise the value of assessing the sustainability credentials of new suppliers.

Data is the key to both benchmarking and target setting across all sustainability initiatives including assessing the energy consumption and carbon emissions of the digital estate. Visibility of performance over time is critical to drive improvements.

Toby Alcock, CTO, Logicalis 

Mastering the Balancing Act

Finally we look at how adaptive CIOs need to be to balance priorities in a slow global economy. The report underscores the need for CIOs to be adept at balancing resources, especially in a world where time, talent, and visibility are precious commodities. In response to the skills gap and budget constraints, CIOs are compelled to consider strategic outsourcing.

In today’s dynamic IT landscape, success hinges on skilful resource management and a collaboration of internal and external expertise. Strategic outsourcing, especially for non-core functions, ensures predictability in outcomes and costs. 

Catarina Ceitil, CIO, Data and Transformation at Galp

In conclusion, the Logicalis Australian CIO Report 2024 serves as a beacon for technology leaders, guiding them through the complexities of the digital landscape. It showcases CIOs as architects of change, leveraging vision, vigilance, purpose, and adaptability to navigate disruptive challenges and seize opportunities. With a flexible and visionary approach, you are not just navigating change; you are actively shaping the future. 

Take a look at the full report and research findings here:  Logicalis CIO Report 2024 - AU 2024 | Logicalis | Download your copy.



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