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The future of work is changing

Organisations need to balance productivity with empowerment in the new world of work.

Our managed digital workplace services

Virtual desktop infrastructure

This solution provides a streamlined and secure way to access workspaces remotely, offering consistency and efficiency for employees, no matter their location.

Proactive solutions

Stay ahead of the curve with a workplace service provider that can anticipate and preemptively tackle challenges before they impact your business. Benefit from foresight that ensures workplace continuity and a competitive edge.

Workplace and collaboration applications

We provide tools that improve communication and productivity within teams, essential for thriving in the dynamic corporate landscape and fostering a cohesive, collaborative environment.

Customised workplace support

Experience a tailor-made workplace support service that understands and addresses your unique business needs. Receive a custom solution aligned with your company's goals, culture and existing digital ecosystem.

Cloud advisory and solution design services

Expert guidance in cloud strategy and custom solution design ensures your business receives the most effective and scalable cloud infrastructure tailored to your needs.

Seamless integration

Experience the ease of technology that flawlessly works together to enhance efficiency and collaboration across your team. This revamps productivity and drastically reduces downtime.

Empower your team with expert workplace support services

Unlock efficiency and enhance your team's capabilities with workplace services that streamline your business operations. This fosters a dynamic, responsive work environment that supports your business growth.

Future-proof workplace

Our workplace services evolve with industry trends and keep your company competitive in a fast-paced market. Leverage innovative strategies that keep your operations at the forefront of advancements so you constantly lead rather than follow.

Measure what matters in the digital collaboration experience

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Customer Success Story

Peninsula Heath Case Study: Helping the business work remotely

Peninsula Health conducted all of its services onsite with all of the back office staff tending to work from the facility, so remote working wasn’t something that had been tried and tested at scale. The requirements for Peninsula Health were simple. Help to get 1,000 back office staff working remotely, in a secure fashion and in a way that least impacts their normal BAU way of working.

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Employee Collaboration

Build a collaborative workplace for the future

Why Logicalis?

Choose Logicalis for an effective, custom-fit approach that evolves with your company. Receive solutions designed for dynamic growth and sustainable success. Below are just a few of our key differentiators:

Global reach, personalised touch

With over 7,100 professionals spanning 27 countries, we've empowered over 10,000 customers with our enduring global expertise. We configure this knowledge to deliver the results you need, ensuring a localised approach with a world-class reach.

End-to-end capabilities

Beyond our managed workplace services in Australia, we offer comprehensive consulting and implementation solutions. We provide everything your business requires — from inception to execution — to facilitate a seamless digital transformation.

Value-centric partnership

Logicalis embodies a service ethos rooted in delivering more value in the least amount of time and with reduced risk. We prioritise your return on investment, ensuring each solution meets and exceeds your business objectives with measurable outcomes.

Unparalleled expertise

Our deep technological knowledge spans essential drivers like managed IT services, cloud solutions, Azure migration, cybersecurity, data management and even IoT integration. Over the years, we've earned the trust of global technology vendors like Microsoft, Dell, Cisco and others, allowing us to offer strategic insights that contribute to your growth and success.

Discover superior workplace support and services with Logicalis

Step into the future of work with comprehensive workplace services from Logicalis Australia. We're committed to fostering innovation and streamlining your operations. Initiate a conversation with us today to unlock new opportunities for your enterprise.


    Logicalis offers workplace services that help your company operate efficiently and safely in today's remote work environment. This includes virtual desktop infrastructure for secure and efficient remote desktop access, workplace and collaboration applications for improved team productivity and cloud advisory and solution design, which delivers expert guidance to develop custom cloud solutions.

    Logicalis' workplace support services are especially advantageous for sectors like healthcare, education, government and various commercial enterprises. These services address industry-specific challenges, enhancing productivity, security and overall efficiency.

    Our expertise in understanding the distinct needs of each sector allows us to provide customised support solutions. This translates to significant improvements in workplace operations and a predictable boost to the bottom line.

    Yes. We excel at integrating our workplace support services with your existing digital ecosystem. Our expertise lies in enhancing and complementing your current infrastructure to facilitate a smooth and efficient transition. You can be confident that the new solutions will blend seamlessly with established technologies — enhancing workplace productivity with minimal workflow disruption.

    Logicalis secures workplace data and systems through advanced, layered security measures, including robust data encryption, secure network protocols and multi-factor authentication, among others.

    Our protocol likewise includes continuous monitoring and regular updates to counteract evolving threats and fortify system vulnerabilities. By focusing on proactive security strategies, we guarantee the integrity and confidentiality of your data.

    The process for implementing workplace support begins with a comprehensive assessment of your specific business needs, followed by the development of a customised solution that aligns with your objectives and workplace culture.

    The implementation phase is meticulously planned to minimise disruption, with ongoing support and training to ensure full utilisation and seamless integration into your existing systems.

    After implementing Logicalis' workplace support services, you can expect comprehensive ongoing support that includes real-time monitoring, regular system updates and immediate response to technical issues. This guarantees your infrastructure remains robust, secure and aligned with evolving business needs — backed by expert guidance and strategic insights for continuous improvement.

    Navigate an ever-evolving market and turn uncertainty into success. 
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