Dairy Australia ditch the Data Centre for Azure in major migration with Logicalis

Dairy Australia

Australia, Jul 21, 2020

Dairy Australia’s Azure migration project has allowed the organisation to be agile, fast and shift their IT environment to a futuristic way of operating.

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Dairy Australia  wanted to ensure they were set up for a sustainable future and to continue to serve the dairy farmers of Australia.  To achieve this, they decided to modernise the datacentre and take the organisation into the future with a secure, scalable and resilient IT environment. The incumbent solution was not performing and evolving in line with Dairy Australia’s needs so Dairy went to market to look at options.

A number of technology providers across the region put forward a tender response to serve Dairy Australia’s evolving needs, but Logicalis were the only Systems Integrator (SI) who were visionary enough to propose a migration from the traditional data centre to public Cloud (Azure).

Prior to the datacentre migration, Logicalis had formed a strong partnership with Dairy Australia,  and had previously deployed a number of successful projects  to modernise and transform the organisation. These solutions included: Office 365, Exchange Online, Configuration Manager, Intune and Windows 10 to name a few.

All tender responses were carefully considered, but it was Logicalis’s unique Azure proposition and robust relationship with Dairy, that meant Logicalis were awarded as partner of choice to deliver the Cloud platform.


In order to deploy the Azure datacentre migration project, Logicalis referenced their tried and trusted Production Ready Cloud Platform (PRCP). The PRCP framework is a repeatable methodology and process and allows Logicalis to deliver Azure services into any industry vertical. The PRCP helps to understand customer needs (networking, security, design architecture and ongoing management). From here, Logicalis work closely with the customer through design workshops, detailed design framework and finally into implementation and handover. Dairy Australia no longer have any on-premise workloads. The majority of virtual machines are in Azure, with a small portion hosted by Logicalis in their private cloud. All email has now been moved to the Office 365 Cloud.


Dairy Australia’s Azure migration project has allowed the organisation to be agile, fast and shift their IT environment to a futuristic way of operating. While it is still too early to calculate specific return on investment (ROI), cost savings and productivity, the organisation can safely say that it reaped the benefits of the deployment in other means:

  • A reduction in on-premise technology footprint – removal of virtualisation infrastructure (storage and server) at headquarters in Melbourne, meaning a reduced technology and environmental footprint and therefore electricity consumption  
  • Whilst the IT environment was virtual before the project – Dairy Australia have adopted PaaS and Cloud services resulting in a reduction in virtual machine workloads by 25%
  • A small reduction in costs, due to less on-premise technology
  • Service Level Agreements (SLA) are now in line with organisations expectations 
  • The express routes in Azure now mean the organisation has gone from 100MG to 1G and are reaping throughput improvements
  • And many more


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