Interview with Anthony Woodward ‘You can’t stop innovation because the compliance costs is too heavy’.

Australia, Oct 26, 2023

Published by Cyber Daily
Author: David Hollingworth 

In a recent interview, Anthony Woodward spoke with David Hollingworth, from Cyber Daily on creating a strategic approach to cybersecurity. He highlighted common missteps in security spending, outlined essential steps for businesses to enhance their cybersecurity posture, and discussed the transformative power of proactive security measures.

Anthony’s insights shed light on a common problem: cybersecurity investments often become fragmented due to a reactive, point-solution approach. He recommends a strategic shift, emphasising the identification of "crown jewels" – an organisation's most vital assets. This approach allows businesses to develop a customised and holistic security strategy.

When discussing his concerns in the evolving cybersecurity landscape, Anthony highlights the rising sophistication of social engineering tactics, a growing challenge as attackers create deceptive messages that closely resemble legitimate communications. This underscores the need for organisations to stay vigilant and proactive in their cybersecurity efforts.

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