Improving employee experience with devices that fit how people work

Australia, Mar 21, 2023


Maroondah City Council (MCC), located in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, provides services and facilities for a population of over 119,000. The Council is focused on meeting the changing needs and aspirations of its community members.

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MCC understands, like most organisations today, that equipping its employees with the resources and tools they need to perform at a high level, is core to its ability to continually meet and exceed the expectations of their community. Research has shown that a lack of suitable technology resources can delay productivity and decrease morale.

It became apparent that this ever-changing environment was creating pressure on MCC’s end-user computing (EUC) requirements, which nowadays are all too often complex and costly. The Council had previously worked with Logicalis Australia and HP to equip its staff with technology to address their changing work needs during the pandemic, without issue, and so again, sought their help to manage the ‘headache’ of a hardware refresh, and re-imaging of devices across 16 sites.

It was imperative that throughout the roll-out, business as usual was maintained, and that the technology allowed employees to work effectively, thereby boosting overall employee satisfaction.



  • To equip employees with the right digital tools to support their workplace needs; reflecting how they engage with community members, whilst simultaneously providing them with the resources they need to succeed.
  • To refresh desktops, laptops, monitors, tablets, docks, notebooks, and retail POS devices across 16 sites. Along with the management of the entire roll-out process from pre-deployment, onsite deployment, collection and removal of waste.
  • The provision of HyperCare – a postdeployment support service for end users, to ensure they have a positive experience, and that any residual issues are resolved in a timely fashion.
  • To ensure business as usual throughout the deployment process, especially given all work was to be completed within business hours.


  • Logicalis Australia’s expertise in managing the deployment process, allowed the MCC IT department to concentrate on core business tasks, safe in the knowledge employees have everything they need to remain productive.
  • HP’s focus on overcoming supply chain constraints for MCC, led to the realisation of efficiency, reliability and cost benefits.
  • Full deployment was completed within two weeks. This would have otherwise taken MCC months to complete.
  • Council employees now have the right tools to help them feel and work at their best. By taking a people-first approach and investing in technology that can keep up with its workers, MCC employees can focus their efforts on more meaningful and challenging activities.

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