Logicalis named Australian Microsoft Leader

Australia, Apr 15, 2024

Logicalis Australia is delighted to be recognised in The ISG Provider Lens™ Microsoft Cloud Ecosystem Quadrant Report 2024 as a “Leader’’ in both the Managed Services for Azure and Microsoft 365 Services quadrants.

Logicalis Australia was also named a Contender in the category, Generative AI Services for the Microsoft Clouds. These results only serve to strengthen the partnership between Logicalis Australia and Microsoft, as we continue to provide market-leading solutions across the Microsoft portfolio.  

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Logicalis Australia placed as a Leader in Managed Services for Azure



Logicalis is consistently winning Partner of the Year recognitions from Microsoft, including 13 wins and three finalist positions in 2023.
Craig Baty

Azure — the keystone of digital innovation for forward-thinking businesses

Our Azure managed service is a comprehensive offering that is designed to streamline and enhance your cloud operations. At its core, these suites cover a range of activities, from managing basic cloud infrastructure to handling complex application services. Logicalis can help your business leverage Microsoft Azure's capabilities without the need to deeply specialise in its complexities.

We offer the complete spectrum of support — from maintaining server infrastructure to optimising cloud-based applications. By entrusting these elements to an established managed service provider like Logicalis, you can focus more on strategic initiatives while enjoying the benefits of Azure's robust cloud environment.


Logicalis Australia as a Leader in Microsoft 365 Services



“Logicalis is highly certified across Microsoft 365 services. It has 12 advanced specialisations across five solutions designations and over 1,200 Microsoft certifications.” 
Craig Baty

As a Microsoft Azure Expert MSP, Logicalis is in the top 1% of Microsoft Azure partners globally, helping clients unlock their true potential using Microsoft products and solutions .

Logicalis Australia offer expertise and comprehensive services tailored to optimise productivity, enhance collaboration, and fortify security. With certified Microsoft professionals, seamless migration and deployment, customised integration, robust security measures, and dedicated support, we empower clients to maximise the potential of Microsoft 365, fostering digital proficiency and driving business excellence through transformative solutions and client-centric partnerships.


Logicalis Australia Named a Contender in Generative AI Services for the Microsoft Clouds

Logicalis Australia was also named a Contender in the category, Generative AI Services for the Microsoft Clouds.

According to the recent Logicalis CIO Report, Generative AI is the number one priority for CIO's in Australia with 89% of CIO's actively seeing AI opportunities for their business and 86% investing in AI skills.

Logicalis is at the forefront of data and AI innovation as an Australian Microsoft Partner. Our suite of services encompasses advanced analytics, AI-infused insights and data management solutions. We strive to assist businesses in unlocking the potential of their data, crafting it into practical intelligence for strategic decision-making and a modest competitive edge.

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