Logicalis Australia Launches Talent Services to Address Growing IT Skills Shortage

Australia, Sep 20, 2023

Published by Tech Republic 
Author: Ben Abbott

Australia's tech industry faces a severe IT skills shortage, making talent acquisition and retention challenging. Logicalis Australia, a prominent IT solutions provider, has unveiled its Talent Services offering. Scott Brown, the Head of Employee Experience, describes the current recruitment landscape as "haywire" due to high demand for skills, particularly in cybersecurity and AI.

The low unemployment rate and slow immigration recovery intensify competition for IT talent. Logicalis' Australia CIO Report 2023 shows that 77% of CIOs plan to increase talent investment. Scott underscores the challenge of finding the right skills quickly.

Logicalis Australia's Talent Services offers on-demand IT professionals, and provides agility and capacity, reducing project delays and enhancing flexibility in the fast-paced tech market. The IT skills shortage, particularly in emerging tech areas, is expected to persist.

Logicalis Australia's Talent Services launch marks a significant step towards addressing the IT skills shortage and helping organisations meet their project demands efficiently in an ever-evolving tech landscape.

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About Logicalis: 
We are Architects of Change™. We help organisations succeed in a digital-first world. At Logicalis, we harness our collective technology expertise to help our clients build a blueprint for success, so they can deliver sustainable outcomes that matter.

Our lifecycle services across cloud, connectivity, collaboration, and security are designed to help optimize operations, reduce risk, and empower employees.

As a global technology service provider, we deliver next-generation digital managed services, to provide our clients with real-time visibility and actionable insights across the performance of their digital ecosystem including availability, user experience, security, economic performance, and sustainability.

Our 7000+ ‘Architects of Change’ are based in 30 territories around the globe, helping our 10,000+ clients across a range of industry sectors, create sustainable outcomes through technology.

Logicalis has annualized revenues of $1.7 billion, from operations in Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific, and Africa.

It is a division of Datatec Limited, listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, with revenues of over $4.6 billion. For more information visit www.logicalis.com

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