IWD 2023: Architecting change to truly embrace equity

Australia, Mar 8, 2023

Published by Logicalis Australia for TechDay
Author: Tanur Parira – Employee Experience Lead

UN Women Australia launched the "Equality: Our Final Frontier" campaign to address the widening gender gap, which is projected to take 135.6 years to close. Despite progress in women's representation in management positions, there is still a gender pay gap of 22.8%.  

Logicalis Australia aims to drive change as "Architects of Change" by aligning their policies with an inclusion charter and promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) through their leadership and staff affinity groups. They recognise that gender inequality extends beyond the workplace and seek to challenge societal norms. Additionally, Logicalis partners with mentoring programs to increase female participation in the tech sector. While positive steps have been taken, there is still work to be done to achieve gender equality in areas such as representation, career progression, pay parity, and the overall workplace experience. 

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