Managed Cloud Services

Enhance your operations with managed cloud solutions

Harness the power of cloud computing with managed cloud services from Logicalis. By integrating cutting-edge technology and deep industry insights, we transform your cloud infrastructure into a robust, agile and secure environment. Unlock performance efficiencies in a cost-effective way through the Logicalis Managed Cloud today.

Pursue the right cloud strategy with an upfront view of costs

Strategic cloud alignment

Logicalis ensures your cloud infrastructure is not just a technology asset but a strategic tool that supports your core processes and business goals. Whether for scaling operations, entering new markets or innovating product lines, our cloud alignment services will be in perfect harmony with your vision.

Cost and performance efficiency

Our managed cloud services focus on optimising spending and performance so you can maximise ROI. Our cost monitoring and budgeting capabilities are designed to keep your expenditures within planned thresholds — eliminating underutilised resources and unwanted financial surprises.

Robust cloud security

Logicalis Australia maintains stringent security protocols and compliance standards to protect your cloud environment, digital assets and, by extension, your brand integrity. Our elaborate set of measures includes endpoint security, regular audits, compliance checks and the latest in cybersecurity technology to fortify vulnerabilities.

Cloud-driven, actionable insights

Leverage cloud analytics with managed cloud solutions that provide timely, practical insights for faster data-driven decision-making. This strategic advantage empowers your business to stay ahead of the curve and swiftly respond to market trends and customer needs.

Why Logicalis?

Logicalis Australia stands out for its ability to offer custom solutions that evolve with your company, ensuring your digital ecosystem grows alongside your business needs. Here are our key differentiators:

Global reach, personalised touch

With over 7,100 elite professionals spanning 27 countries, Logicalis has served more than 10,000 customers globally. We fuse this vast network with a commitment to personalisation, ensuring our expertise is configured to deliver your desired results.

Value-centric partnership

Logicalis’ ethos is grounded in delivering value-centric services that consistently produce superior outcomes with minimised risk. We designed our approach to accelerate results, leveraging robust solutions and expertise that drive business growth in a secure and efficient manner.

End-to-end capabilities

Beyond managed cloud solutions, Logicalis offers extensive consulting and implementation services like managed IT, Microsoft integration, Azure and others to serve all your technology needs. This end-to-end approach offers you comprehensive digital solutions under one roof.

Unparalleled expertise

Logicalis' deep technological knowledge spans cloud solutions, modern workspaces, security and data management. As a recognised strategic partner by global technology vendors, we can offer a breadth of expertise that guides businesses through modern digital transformations with precision and insight.

Embrace the future of digital workplace efficiency today

Streamline and secure your digital operations today with Logicalis' managed cloud services. Our strategic alliance with top global technology vendors equips us with a comprehensive expertise that guides your business through the evolving digital landscape.

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Production Ready Cloud

Stay ahead of change with a foundation built for agility.


    Logicalis facilitates seamless cloud migrations with a well-structured approach — starting from in-depth assessments and crafting bespoke migration blueprints to providing dedicated support. Our team seamlessly handles everything from planning to execution, facilitating an effective transition to cloud technology with minimal downtime.

    Logicalis handles data backup and disaster recovery in a manner that is specific and unique to each organisation. This involves identifying and prioritising applications, services and data to determine acceptable downtime and recovery time objectives (RTOs), which then guide the disaster recovery strategy.

    By partnering with leading cloud providers, we ensure robust protection, swift recovery capabilities and maintained business continuity. Our approach also involves regular strategic reviews to adapt to evolving digital landscapes — guaranteeing your data protection measures stay aligned with technological advancements.

    Logicalis delivers managed cloud services across a broad spectrum of sectors, including government, healthcare, education and commercial enterprises. This wide-ranging expertise lets us tailor cloud solutions to meet the specific needs and regulatory requirements of each industry — providing optimised performance, security and compliance.

    Logicalis provides comprehensive ongoing support and maintenance for its cloud services, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. This includes proactive monitoring and management of cloud infrastructure, timely software updates and patch management, on-demand technical support and strategic consulting to continuously align cloud services with business objectives. Additionally, Logicalis offers security management to safeguard data and applications against threats, coupled with disaster recovery planning to ensure business continuity.

    Logicalis ensures compliance with industry standards in its managed cloud services by adhering to rigorous protocols and best practices. This includes conducting regular audits, employing advanced security measures and staying updated with the latest industry-specific regulatory requirements.

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