Logicalis helps BPAY find their dream tech solution

Australia, Feb 6, 2022

Like many other businesses in 2020, BPAY Group went from supporting one office - to supporting 150 overnight. So, they took the opportunity to investigate upgrading their old system, with priorities focused on doing it seamlessly and reducing the amount of visible change as everyone’s lives had already been disrupted enough.

In the process, Logicalis Australia helped the team at BPAY Group save time, a few headaches, and a good amount of money as well.

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Everything was going swimmingly until the pilot phase, when it looked as though the storage costs were going to blow out by five times the original budget. Once we switched over to an alternate storage option and better feature alignment, that problem was easily put to bed.

Onboarding the tech team to a new environment in such a short timeframe wasn’t without its challenges either. But it had a significant silver lining in the new-found ability to automate tasks using the Azure tools, making the whole system easier to maintain.


Taking advantage of BPAY Group’s existing Microsoft 365 licenses, we used Azure DevOps to deploy Azure Virtual Desktop images and AVD production environment. The solution has saved money, increased productivity, while delivering built-in agility and scalability for the future.

Other cost benefits including using existing licenses, not having to renew hardware or maintain the pricey license of the previous solution, and newfound maintenance efficiencies, have turned saving a pretty penny into drop-dead gorgeous dollars.


Usually, the best-case scenario in a time-sensitive task means you can have the job done one of two ways – good, fast and expensive, or mediocre, fast and cheap. Yes, Logicalis found the right solution quickly and implemented it efficiently. This would usually come with a hefty price tag, but not in this case.

Not having to renew the licenses on the previous solution saved a bucketload. Plus, a quick review of BPAY Groups’ current licensing requirements meant we could extract more value from the licenses they already had – those savings really added up when multiplied over the 5-year life of this solution.

Meanwhile, staff are reporting good things. There’s been no loss of functionality and, if anything, it’s given staff more options for how they achieve outcomes in their day-to-day work. No issues have been reported so far and as we said, no news is definitely good news.

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