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Microsoft Azure, a frontrunner in cloud computing, plays a pivotal role for companies striving to excel in the digital age. Logicalis Australia delivers specialised services within the Azure ecosystem, providing customised solutions for streamlined and effective cloud management.


Azure - the keystone of digital innovation for forward-thinking businesses

Our Azure managed service is a comprehensive offering that is designed to streamline and enhance your cloud operations. At its core, these suites cover a range of activities, from managing basic cloud infrastructure to handling complex application services. Logicalis can help your business leverage Microsoft Azure's capabilities without the need to deeply specialise in its complexities.

We offer the complete spectrum of support — from maintaining server infrastructure to optimising cloud-based applications. By entrusting these elements to an established managed service provider like Logicalis, you can focus more on strategic initiatives while enjoying the benefits of Azure's robust cloud environment.

Strategic advantages of Azure cloud management

Embracing Azure managed services transforms your business's cloud operations and reshapes how the company navigates the digital landscape.

Cost savings and efficiency gains

By streamlining cloud workflows, you minimise dependency on specialised internal expertise and dramatically reduce operational costs. Efficient resource management and automation of routine tasks can further enhance productivity, translating into more time and resources allocated for core business activities.

Enhanced security and compliance

Azure managed services enhance your security posture and compliance rigour by integrating advanced protections and adherence to regulatory standards. Regular updates and proactive threat detection can likewise minimise vulnerabilities to secure your digital assets and foster a safe, compliant operational framework.

Scalability and flexibility in resource management

Azure cloud management enables businesses to nimbly adjust resources in tune with demand shifts without significant upfront investments. This scalability helps your infrastructure align with your fluctuating business needs, offering the agility to respond quickly to market changes or growth opportunities.

Access to Azure's advanced analytics and AI capabilities

An expert Azure MSP like Logicalis lets you unlock the full potential of Azure's advanced analytics and AI capacity. This lets you harness powerful insights from your data to drive informed decision-making. Leveraging these sophisticated tools, companies can predict trends, optimise operations and innovate — ultimately staying ahead in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Logicalis - your global Azure partner

Logicalis is your global Azure MSP, offering a custom-fit approach that evolves with your business. Here are our key differentiators:

Global reach, personalised touch

With a presence in 27 countries and a team of over 7,100 architects of change, Logicalis merges global prowess with a customised, local approach to craft solutions that resonate with your distinct business objectives.



Full-service capabilities

Logicalis provides an extensive suite of consulting and implementation services, positioning itself as a comprehensive IT partner. Our capabilities guarantee integrated support across your infrastructure and a streamlined path towards digital transformation and operational excellence.

Value-centric partnership

Logicalis champions a value-centric engagement with a sharp focus on swift value realisation and risk reduction. Our strategy aims to rapidly create tangible benefits for your business so you can maximise your IT investments. By understanding your unique needs, we align our services to drive efficiency and growth in your operations.

Unparalleled expertise

Logicalis boasts deep technological expertise across key managed services like the cloud, modern workspace, security, data management and IoT. This level of competence has earned the trust of various global technology vendors.

Embrace the cloud with Azure managed services

Ready to harness the full potential of Microsoft Azure? Let Logicalis guide your cloud journey. Reach out to discover how our specialised managed services can catalyse your business transformation.


    Azure, launched in 2010 and previously known as Windows Azure, is Microsoft's public cloud computing platform. It offers a wide range of services in categories like computing, networking, storage, IoT, AI and many more. It enables users to build, run and manage applications across multiple clouds and on-premises environments. Azure also supports various programming languages and has a vast global network of data centres​​​​.

    Yes, Azure managed services can seamlessly integrate with existing IT infrastructures. Azure's hybrid cloud solutions and services are designed to work in conjunction with on-premises environments, allowing for efficient integration and management. This integration capability helps businesses leverage their existing investments while adopting new cloud technologies​​.

    No, Azure is not limited to Windows apps and services. It supports a broad range of operating systems, programming languages, frameworks, databases and devices. Azure provides virtual machines for both Windows and Linux and supports various programming languages like Java, Node.js and Python​​​​.

    Azure is highly versatile and caters to a wide range of industries, including government, financial services, retail, manufacturing, health and life sciences and even gaming. Each industry benefits from Azure's tailored cloud solutions that improve efficiency, security and innovation.

    Government agencies, for instance, use Azure to enhance citizen services and secure data, while financial services leverage it for safe and compliant operations. Retailers utilise Azure's analytics for personalised customer experiences, and manufacturers use IoT and analytics to streamline processes and improve designs.

    Meanwhile, healthcare and life sciences organisations employ Azure to enhance patient care through advanced data analytics and ensure data security and compliance with industry regulations.

    Yes, Azure is designed with security as a foundational element. Microsoft is committed to providing a secure and compliant environment that focuses on trust, transparency and adherence to regulatory standards. Azure employs a range of security measures and has a significant annual investment in cybersecurity to protect customer data from threats.

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