Our responsible business

We recognise that to stand apart as a modern leader in business, our Responsible Business agenda needs to beyond just run-of-the-mill philanthropic ‘social responsibility’.

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Charissa Jaganath – Head of Responsible Business

“With the right strategy and a proactive mindset, being a responsible business also has the power to benefit all organisations and deliver impactful, yet sustainable, value for all involved.”

Pillars of our responsible business strategy

Our people

We support our people on their physical, mental and emotional, and community and social wellbeing journeys. We strive to be conscious of unconscious bias.

Our planet

We strive to improve our environmental performance and contribute to a cleaner, healthier planet. A major part of that is our commitment to becoming carbon neutral by 2025 and working to improve environmental performance across the group with defined targets.

Our communities

We are committed to empowering people and supporting education in the community through charitable giving, involvement in local charities, community projects, and voluntary organisations.

Architecting change starts with the planet

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