Kate Raulings Reveals Her Path to Success in Cybersecurity

Australia, May 5, 2023

Published by Destination Cyber Podcast
Author: Lachlan Corne 

“Destination Cyber" is a podcast that caters to individuals interested in entering or advancing in the cybersecurity industry. In a featured episode, Kate Raulings, a Senior Consultant with Logicalis Australia - specialising in security and governance, shares her personal journey in cybersecurity, from early exposure to internet technologies to becoming a certified Information Security Manager. She encourages listeners to explore adjacent fields like risk management, IT, or crisis communications for valuable experience. Kate discusses her diverse career paths, including generalist roles, senior management positions, and technical expertise. Reflecting on a failure during the COVID-19 pandemic, she highlights the challenge of balancing the escalation of cybersecurity incidents with ongoing investigations. She also promotes Logicalis as an employer of choice, emphasising the significance of capability, curiosity, and confidence in the cybersecurity domain. 

You can hear the full episode here:


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