Logicalis help Village Roadshow to identify $1.15m savings through cost optimisation advisory services

Australia, Jan 14, 2021

Village Roadshow operates core businesses in Theme Parks, Cinema Exhibition, Film and DVD Distribution and Marketing Solutions. The Village Roadshow business is operated within Australia with a workforce of over 5,000 staff.

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During the COVID-19 peak in Australia, the hospitality and entertainment sector was forced into lockdown. Village Roadshow (VRL) had to close its doors to customers resulting in a significant impact to business operations and revenues.

To reduce the impact of revenue loss, the VRL team looked at their technology budget with a view to reduce expenditure.

Despite the internal cost cutting exercise, VRL felt there might be additional ways to optimise costs
within their technology budget, to ensure their spend was truly aligned to their goals in this challenging time.


In October 2020, VRL engaged Logicalis to deliver a consulting engagement to further optimise technology expenditure. Logicalis Rapid Cost Optimisation Assessment was delivered over a 3-week period with the primary objective to reduce cost within the next 12 months.


The benefits VRL achieved from working with Logicalis to optimise technology budgets included:

  • Identification of initiatives to save $1.15m annually
  • Short timeline (12 months) to realise benefits
  • Simple, effective and usable deliverables
  • Analysis and verification on existing technology commercial processes and expenditure

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