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Digital Transformation for Government & Higher Education

Digital transformation is helping to modernise education and government, helping local councils, government departments, schools, and education providers to deliver better care to their respective communities. However, true transformation and modernisation can only be achieved when the right technology solutions and processes are optimised together to deliver greater value.

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How Logicalis supports CSR and ESG

Logicalis recognises the importance of contributing to corporate social responsibility (CSR) commitments and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) concerns.

As part of its responsible business agenda, Logicalis is dedicated to conducting business in a responsible and sustainable way. This includes working to improve its environmental performance to contribute to a cleaner, healthier planet.

In addition, Logicalis participates in many CSR initiatives, including its Creating Architects of Change Through Education community education programs, such as Anglicare and Wesley.


The state of Australian government and higher education

Logicalis helps to connect towns, cities, states, classrooms, and campuses by modernising the underlying infrastructure, protecting people and data, and empowering students and citizens.

Local and state government

Logicalis recognises that state and local governments are the sum of many parts, reflecting the varied needs and often complex relationships within the communities they serve. While all government departments share the common goal of serving the public, they each achieve this in very different ways. The challenges that government departments face are as diverse as the different departments themselves, and digital transformation efforts and changing IT priorities need to reflect this.


K-12 and higher education

Logicalis understands that the transition from the traditional classroom to a fully digital educational environment brings many new challenges, regardless of the level of learning. Different levels of education incur different needs and challenges. However, embracing digital transformation and the innovative use of technology provides a tremendous opportunity for education providers to connect with students and help them learn on a one-to-one basis, while also better supporting educators and back-office staff.



Continued digital transformation in government and education is key in resolving industry challenges to deliver better student and citizen experiences, and increased efficiency across the board. The Logicalis government and education (GovEd) practice draws on the combined skills and experience of the entire organisation to help governments and educational institutions use technology to serve their students and constituents more efficiently and effectively.

Meet your dedicated team

Jim Zelener

Head of GovEd

Maria Gerdes

Inside Sales Representative

Simon Wiggins

Engagement Manager

Matt Saunders

Senior Consulting Architect

Karla Allan

Bid Coordinator

Tom Sammons

Principal Consultant

Tugrul Usta

Inside Sales Representative

Thomas Shanahan

Senior Consultant

Why choose Logicalis?


Logicalis has the right tools, vendor partners, and people to help governments and education providers to extend digitisation throughout their varied operations in a secure, shared resource environment that leverages:

  • cloud computing
  • video, mobility
  • application development
  • and integration.

The experience of Logicalis’s specialist GovEd team has led to Logicalis being regarded as one of the premier integrators for the public sector and higher education around Australia.

Logicalis can design, support, and execute digital transformation for organisations in the public sector and education.

The Logicalis team’s in-depth expertise can help your local council, government department, or educational institution to achieve its financial, technical, and student or citizen-centred goals as you build smarter, more connected communities. Logicalis is invested in helping to create and maintain local jobs and is committed to delivering onshore support, augmented by its globally connected network of specialist hubs, sector-leading experts, and strategic partnerships with leading technology vendors.

As Architects of Change, Logicalis can design, support, and execute digital transformation for organisations in the public sector and education by bringing together their vision with its technological expertise and industry insights. Combined with deep knowledge in key IT industry drivers such as security, cloud, data management and IoT, Logicalis helps governments and education providers to address priorities such as operational efficiency, innovation, risk and compliance, data governance, and sustainability.

Case studies


UAC moves to cloud to optimise its storage with the support of Logicalis | Logicalis

alt text

Campbelltown Council

Campbelltown Council partner with Logicalis to modernise data centre for new era of growth | Logicalis

alt text

Department of Health and Human Services

DHHS use AI Bot to provide 24/7 support in major IT transformation | Logicalis

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Logicalis at a glance

Logicalis is committed to helping local Australian councils, government departments, schools, and educational institutions drive change in how services are delivered and consumed. For more information on how Logicalis can help your organisation in its digital transformation journey, contact the team today.

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