Webjet take flight on Hybrid Cloud Journey with Logicalis.

Australia, Oct 5, 2020

With over 50% market share of the online travel agency business in Australia and New Zealand, Webjet is virtually a household name.

What is less well known is that Webjet is also the global #2 player in B2B travel wholesaling – offering payment gateways to external suppliers using a blockchain tool, helping hoteliers and the wholesale supply chain manage inventory (e.g. selling beds to Expedia.)

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  • Like most IT groups, Webjet’s internal IT team was constantly firefighting. 80% of the help desk’s time was taken up with necessary user support including password resets, viruses and file permissions. This “noise” however reduced the IT group’s ability to focus on innovation, empowering users to do more.

    This was the antithesis of the transformation the Board wanted. The group was required to facilitate growth through innovation – taking a new approach to fixing things rather than patch and restart. The reactive drumbeat was also creating a much higher toll on the IT staff and culture within the team.


  • Reduced data sprawl and improved security provided via NetApp’s Data Fabric.
  • Immediate deployment of new offices and users provided via Cisco Meraki.
  • Reduced co-location costs dropping from $80k/month to $20k/month – yet with greater services available to the business ie “More for less”.
  • 80% of IT staff time freed from Level 1 support duties to focus on assisting users become more productive – turning shadow IT into a product roadmap for IT.
  • Business groups now determine their IT spend via new dashboards - varying this depending on the performance and functionality they require.
  • Members of the IT group are “having fun” again - being able to get back to helping people and innovating, rather than firefighting and resetting passwords. IT staff are now empowered and challenged to find new ways and new ideas to deliver for internal and external customers



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