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As a leading partner in the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program, we have achieved 5 solution designations across Security, Azure, Data & AI, Digital & App Innovation and Modern Work, to help clients unlock their true potential using Microsoft products and solutions

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Logicalis elevates global security portfolio with Microsoft verified Managed XDR Partner Status

Our Microsoft Partner services

Discover our suite of services as a global Microsoft Partner in Australia. We combine deep technical expertise with a keen understanding of the evolving business landscape, ensuring each service addresses your immediate needs and positions you for future success.

Microsoft security solutions

With multiple Microsoft Security Advanced Specialisations, we focus on Identity and Access Management, providing unbeatable protection for your digital assets. Our expertise in Microsoft security can safeguard your business against evolving cyber threats, giving you peace of mind in a digital-first world.

Production Ready Cloud

Stay ahead of change with a foundation built for agility.

Secure OnMesh

Enhance business agility by weaving security into your DNA.

Employee Collaboration

Build a collaborative workplace for the future.

Driving next-gen innovation with Microsoft

Data and AI mastery

At Logicalis, we're at the forefront of data and AI innovation as an Australian Microsoft Partner. Our suite of services encompasses advanced analytics, AI-infused insights and data management solutions. We strive to assist businesses in unlocking the potential of their data, crafting it into practical intelligence for strategic decision-making and a modest competitive edge.

Data and application platform innovation

Leveraging Microsoft technologies for agile app development and digital transformation, our focus extends to data and application platform modernisation - A crucial facet that delivers efficiency, agility and transformative outcomes. We emphasise creating solutions that enhance operational efficiency and drive business growth so you stay ahead in the competitive digital landscape.

Modern work solutions

Logicalis enhances your collaboration and productivity through the Microsoft 365 suite of services. We provide comprehensive consulting and change management services, seamlessly integrating these tools into your business environment. Our solutions also enable remote work capabilities, adapting to the evolving needs of the modern workplace.

Why Logicalis and Microsoft

Global partner

As a Global Partner, we harness our expertise to deliver local solutions to help our customers succeed in the digital-first world.

Azure expertise

As an Azure Expert MSP, Logicalis offers comprehensive cloud migration, management and optimisation solutions. Our expertise includes developing scalable, secure and cost-effective Azure environments to meet specific business needs and drive digital transformation. This approach will help you leverage Azure's full potential for enhanced operational efficiency and innovation.

Highly specialised

With twelve advanced specialisations across Azure, Modern Work and Security, we have the capability and skills to solve business problems on Microsoft.

Case study

iCumulus Case Study: Scaling operations and harnessing growth

With their eye on capturing their share of the burgeoning demand for freight and logistics, iCumulus needed a technology platform that was scalable and reliable and a business partner that could deliver on their needs.

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X5 Solution Partner Badges

Microsoft Azure Expert MSP

Microsoft Partner of the Year – Rising Star: Logicalis Singapore

Microsoft Partner of the Year – Global finalist: Solutions Assessment


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Logicalis elevates global security portfolio with Microsoft verified Managed XDR Partner Status

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Engage the top Microsoft Partner in Australia today

Navigate an ever-evolving market and turn uncertainty into success with Logicalis — one of the Microsoft Global Partners in Australia. Our team is ready to guide your transformation journey to make the most of the Microsoft platforms with services to suit your business goals. For more information, feel free to reach out.


    A Microsoft Partner is a provider that has established a collaborative relationship with Microsoft, demonstrating expertise and a proven skill set in Microsoft technologies. For clients, working with a Microsoft Partner in Australia like Logicalis offers several key benefits: we have access to the latest technologies, tools and training, which means we can provide the most up-to-date solutions for you. Moreover, we enjoy a direct line of support from Microsoft Corporation, so issues are resolved quickly and efficiently.

    Yes, Logicalis offers custom-fit services specifically designed for various industries. Our expertise lies in our profound grasp of the distinct challenges different sectors face. This allows us to develop industry-specific solutions to address each industry's nuanced needs and regulatory requirements. For instance, in healthcare, financial services, retail and manufacturing, Logicalis has provided solutions that are not only technologically advanced but also aligned with the specific operational and compliance demands of these fields.

    When considering a Microsoft Partner in Australia, Logicalis stands out for several compelling reasons. Among them are:

    • Global presence and local execution — With over 7,100 skilled IT professionals operating in 27 countries, we bring a global perspective combined with local insights to every project.
    • Value-driven engagement — Our model prioritises simplicity, speed and agility, which lets us deliver core business value to our customers quickly and with greatly reduced risk.
    • End-to-end capabilities — We offer a comprehensive range of services, from consulting to managed services, covering every aspect of cloud solutions and digital transformation.
    • Industry specialists — Our team possesses deep technological expertise across various industries along with solution designations from Microsoft, including the public sector, education, healthcare, retail and financial services. This diverse industry knowledge has allowed us to tailor solutions for specific sector needs.
    • Strategic partnerships — Our strong network of global vendors and strategic partnerships enhances our ability to deliver cutting-edge solutions.

    An Azure Expert Managed Service Provider (MSP) is a specialised partner recognised by Microsoft for their high-level expertise in Azure services. To become an Azure Expert MSP, a company must undergo a rigorous and intensive auditing process, including both a pre-audit assessment and an on-site audit. This ensures the provider has the necessary skills and capabilities to provide exceptional services. The benefits of working with an Azure Expert MSP include:

    • Expertise and specialisation — Azure Expert MSPs have demonstrated high-level skills and knowledge in Azure services, guaranteeing they can offer advanced solutions and high-level support.
    • Up-to-date knowledge — They stay current with the latest Azure technologies and updates, providing clients with cutting-edge solutions.
    • Comprehensive services — Azure Expert MSPs like Logicalis offer a range of services, from cloud strategy and design to implementation and management, providing a holistic approach to cloud services.
    • Quality assurance — The rigorous audit process verifies that Azure Expert MSPs maintain the highest standards of service quality and reliability.

    Certainly! At Logicalis, we specialise in navigating businesses through the entire cloud migration journey. More than a smooth transition, our team can also optimise your cloud infrastructure for superior performance, security and cost-efficiency. We're here to provide continuous support to make your cloud computing experience as smooth and successful as possible.

    Navigate an ever-evolving market and turn uncertainty into success. 
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