Logicalis is tackling the issue of encouraging more women to work in tech

Australia, Oct 1, 2023

Published by Women Love Tech
Author: Robyn Foster

At the recent Tech Leaders Forum for 2023 in the Hunter Valley of NSW, Women Love Tech’s Editor in Chief, Robyn Foyster interviewed Anthony Woodward, CEO of Logicalis Australia. They discussed Logicalis Australia's efforts to promote women in tech and address the tech skills shortage. 

For the past two years, Logicalis Australia has actively engaged with the graduate community to bridge the skills gap. They've implemented mentorship programs and partnered with organisations like "Grad Girls" to encourage female STEM students to consider tech careers, diversifying the talent pool.

Central to Logicalis Australia's mission is a unique employee value proposition emphasising diversity, inclusion, and combating unconscious bias. They foster an equitable workplace and support career advancement and work-life balance for women in tech.

Anthony also addressed the issue of unconscious bias in AI systems, emphasising Logicalis Australia's proactive approach to awareness and open dialogue to combat bias. He highlighted the growing interest in cybersecurity careers among graduates and Logicalis Australia's support for talent in this field, contributing to industry growth and resilience.

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About Logicalis: 
We are Architects of Change™. We help organisations succeed in a digital-first world. At Logicalis, we harness our collective technology expertise to help our clients build a blueprint for success, so they can deliver sustainable outcomes that matter.

Our lifecycle services across cloud, connectivity, collaboration, and security are designed to help optimize operations, reduce risk, and empower employees.

As a global technology service provider, we deliver next-generation digital managed services, to provide our clients with real-time visibility and actionable insights across the performance of their digital ecosystem including availability, user experience, security, economic performance, and sustainability.

Our 7000+ ‘Architects of Change’ are based in 30 territories around the globe, helping our 10,000+ clients across a range of industry sectors, create sustainable outcomes through technology.

Logicalis has annualized revenues of $1.7 billion, from operations in Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific, and Africa.

It is a division of Datatec Limited, listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, with revenues of over $4.6 billion. For more information visit www.logicalis.com

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