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At Logicalis, we understand that true business transformation requires a strategic approach. We combine our deep industry expertise, extensive technology portfolio, and a passion for innovation to deliver tailored solutions that drive tangible outcomes. Finding the right IT professionals can be challenging in today's competitive landscape. That's why we offer comprehensive staff augmentation services to help organisations unleash their full potential. Our Talent Services offer a strategic advantage, by providing on-demand access to a diverse pool of skilled professionals. This approach allows organisations to quickly scale their technical workforce without the long-term commitments of traditional hiring. By seamlessly integrating specialised IT talent into existing teams, organisations can tackle complex projects, meet deadlines, and adapt to rapidly changing technological landscapes. 

Logicalis Australia's lifecycle services enable us to be an end-to-end partner that will go the distance in achieving your business outcomes

Our capabilities span across diverse sectors and encompass a wide range of roles, with our candidates standing out amongst the best. Our real-time efforts are directed towards establishing connections with technology talent networks that are often challenging to access, solidifying our standing as a market expert. We are driven by innovation and creativity in our solutions, positioning ourselves as a fully immersed extension of your brand. This means we are fully committed to assisting you in any capacity you require.

Benefits of Logicalis Australia Talent Services


  • We provide remote, hybrid or onsite resources based in Australia.
  • We provide a flexible and full managed solution across the lifecycle – payroll, onboarding, performance management and renewal/disengagement
  • We remove the overhead and inflexibility of hiring permanently.
  • We connect our resources into our inhouse account and engineering teams
  • We remove payroll costs, headcount commitments and employee oncosts associated with permanent hires.
  • We’ll undertake a detailed brief and have a validated shortlist for your review in 48 hours.
  • We act as collaborator and advisor in providing in-depth market insights and holistic talent solutions.

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How Talent Services can support your business

  • Strategic workforce agility, providing the capability to swiftly align your workforce with your business strategy.
  • Cost-effective flexibility in resourcing, enables you to scale your needs, optimising resource allocation and cost efficiency.
  • Trial potential new hires to make sure you choose the right permanent employees.
  • Relieve core staff or filling a temporary talent gap.
  • Find technical specialists to undertake complex projects or fill a skills gap.
  • Test a new role in an expanding team.
  • Complete day to day tasks, allowing your existing team to focus on transformational or business critical projects.
  • Cover IT staff on maternity leave, long service leave, or unexpected sick leave, extended leave and short-term resourcing gaps. 

Quote from Anthony Woodward

We are seeing businesses challenged through not having access to the right IT skills to deliver on their core digital transformation needs. That puts pressure on teams and further delays transformation projects, by up to 10 or even 12 months. Our Talent Services offering provides ready access to IT skills that give organisations the comfort that can access the skills they need to drive their core IT transformation agenda to deliver innovation, growth and leading customer experience. By engaging our Talent Services capability, organisations can de-risk their ability to deliver on core strategic goals.
Anthony Woodward CEO Logicalis Australia

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