Data centre moved to Azure in major migration

Australia, Feb 12, 2021


Dairy Australia is a non-profit industry body that aims to assist Australian farmers in building a sustainable and profitable dairy industry.


They wanted to ensure that they were set up for a sustainable future through modernising their data centre and a secure, scalable and resilient IT environment.


Logicalis’ unique Azure proposition and robust relationship with Dairy Australia, meant that Logicalis was awarded as the partner of choice to deliver the cloud platform. Logicalis deployed a fully-fledged managed service environment for Dairy, built on Azure. Using Production Ready Cloud, Logicalis was able to investigate and understand customer need working closely with Dairy through design workshops, a detailed design framework and finally into implementation and handover.


As a result Dairy Australia no longer have any onpremise workloads. The majority of virtual machines are in Azure, with a small portion hosted by Logicalis in their private cloud and all email has been moved to the Office 365 cloud.

  • Reduction in on-premise technology footprint through the removal of virtualisation infrastructure resulted in a reduction in electricity consumption as well.
  • 25% reduction in virtual machine workloads through the adoption of PaaS and Cloud services.
  • Increased flexibility and adaptability with fully scalable, flexibly systems Dairy Australia are ready for the future to continue to serve the dairy farmers of Australia.

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