Zero Trust

Protect your business, customers and reputation by adopting a Zero Trust approach.

In today’s modern world of remote working and critical business data in many places, Zero Trust is the new way by which all organisations should be managing risk.

Zero Trust global adoption

of large enterprises today have a mature Zero Trust programme.
of large enterprises will have a mature Zero Trust programme by 2026.
of global large enterprises’ senior leadership have committed to Zero Trust adoption.

Zero Trust - an approach, not a product

Zero Trust is a security strategy that is implemented through people, process, and technology.

Continuously Verify

Each user, device, application and transaction must be verified not just once, but continuously.

Least Privilege Access

Users only have access to the information they need for their role, at that time. 

Assume Breach

Always operate on the basis that a security breach is actively occurring. Observability, remediation and recovery are all key aspects.

The Logicalis Zero Trust Readiness Assessment

Your personalised Zero Trust blueprint.


Stakeholder workshops to understand business objectives, processes and governance.

Gap Analysis

Capabilities and Maturity assessment to identify current gaps.


Bespoke recommendations based on your individual organisation, maturity level and budget.

International Standards

Uses globally recognised frameworks for Zero Trust

Are you ready to take your next step in security?

Our wide range of Governance, Risk, and Compliance assessments provides you with a holistic, tailored and specific view of your organisation’s defences along with bespoke recommendations.

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