Managed IT Security Services

Accelerate with confidence

Take a modern approach to security by weaving it through your digital ecosystem.

Enable digital agility by bringing a business context to the security environment

Balance risk and innovation

Ensure security is a business enabler. Obtain a resilient framework that supports and aligns with your strategic objectives so IT security services enhance rather than inhibit your business's agility and growth potential.

Empower employees

Deliver a flexible, secure approach to the digital workplace. By prioritising both protection and flexibility, organisations can create an environment where innovation thrives and risks are minimised.

Secure hybrid cloud

Ensure workloads and data are fully secure and compliant across public, private and hybrid cloud. This holistic approach provides consistent protection and compliance, giving you peace of mind in a complex digital landscape.

Lean on automation

Access speed and scale of resolution. Use technology strategically to rapidly respond to emerging threats and opportunities, so your security infrastructure can adapt at a pace with your business needs.

Why Logicalis?

Choosing Logicalis means partnering with a leader in IT security services in Australia for over 25 years. Our approach combines technology with deep industry insight, delivering bespoke security solutions that empower and protect. These are our key differentiators:

Global reach, personalised touch

With over 7,500 specialists worldwide, Logicalis has served over 10,000 clients across 27 countries. Our blend of extensive global presence and acute local expertise equips us with the unique ability to address your specific challenges, ensuring a secure, seamless digital transformation.

End-to-end capabilities

Our full-service capabilities are exemplified through our renowned Align-Transform-Scale approach, which ensures comprehensive IT solutions that evolve with your business. From strategic control selection planning to implementation and lifecycle management, we cover every aspect of digital transformation — translating to seamless integration and optimised performance for your technology ecosystem.

Value-centric partnership

Partnering with Logicalis means engaging in a value-driven relationship that prioritises your business outcomes. Our solutions are designed for maximum impact on your bottom line, ensuring that every solution addresses current IT security challenges and also contributes to long-term business growth and resilience. Likewise our enduring strategic security partnerships with Microsoft (MISA Member) and Cisco Systems (Security Partner Advisory Council) ensures we translate technology innovation into business security value.

Unparalleled expertise

Logicalis is an expert in all facets of securing digital transformation, from security frameworks alignment and the hardened production-ready cloud to IT talent acquisition. Our knowledge across these domains means your enterprise not only stays ahead in technology but also secures a competitive edge in the digital era.

Command your IT landscape with market-leading security services in Australia

Enhance your IT environment today with global security solutions tailored to the Australian market. Logicalis can help transform your cybersecurity landscape with robust protection against evolving threats without compromising workflow efficiency or business agility. To explore how we can fortify your digital assets, reach out to us today. We are ready to devise a strategy that aligns with your unique objectives.

Accelerate with confidence: Drive your business forward with a data driven approach to Security.

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    Cybersecurity is crucial for businesses of all sizes, including small businesses. Size is only one attribute that affects your risk profile. Even small businesses can be ‘high assurance need’ organisations due to their industry and regulatory obligations. Small businesses are often targeted by cyberattacks due to their perceived lack of robust security measures. These attacks can lead to significant financial losses, reputational damage and even the risk of the business shutting down.

    Moreover, the evolving threat landscape with automated attacks allows cybercriminals to target numerous small businesses simultaneously, making it more critical than ever for these businesses to adopt a reliable cybersecurity strategy.

    Whilst cyber security challenges are inherently global by nature, businesses that operate in Australia will have a subset of unique demands that require localised expertise to address. These demands may relate to regulatory and legislative obligations, regionally specific threat information or unique national third party supply chains.  

    When choosing an IT security service provider, organisations should consider several crucial factors to guarantee they partner with a provider capable of meeting their security needs. A comprehensive approach to decision-making in this regard includes evaluating the provider's global exposure with local, flexibility, and scalabe and the coverage that their security offerings deliver.

    It's important to choose a provider with a multi-layered, zero-trust protection framework, leveraging industry-leading technology platforms to ensure advanced protection against cybersecurity threats. Expertise and experience in cybersecurity are fundamental, with a track record of successful engagements and a team skilled in cybersecurity best practices being key indicators.

    With Logicalis, organisations leverage a globally recognised partner adept at integrating advanced IT security services seamlessly within their existing frameworks. Our tailored approach ensures each solution addresses immediate security concerns and aligns with defined business security policy — facilitating growth and innovation. This strategic blend of security and business acumen makes Logicalis an exemplary choice for enterprises seeking a balanced, forward-thinking cybersecurity strategy.

    IT security services protect organisations from cyber threats by implementing a robust defence mechanism. These services can include the “cool” stuff like threat intelligence, continuous detection monitoring and proactive threat hunting to identify risks before they escalate into major incidents. But, Logicalis always starts with helping customers get their house in order. Understanding what you're trying to protect and hardening those assets sensibly is always our foundation for building protection through proactive remediation and mitigation.

    A focus on cloud architecture and security capabilities, along with solid incident response and recovery protocols, ensures organisations can adapt to new threats and maintain business continuity. Adequate IT security also involves assessing vulnerabilities through quantitative risk analysis and optimising resources through automation.

    Logicalis seamlessly integrates IT security services with your existing infrastructure, aligning appropriate control solutions with your organisation's technology and information footprint through our Align-Transform-Scale framework. We customise security measures to fit your technological environment, ensuring compatibility with legacy systems and support for diverse platforms. We then scale solutions to match your company's growth and transform your security posture to manage and mitigate risks effectively.

    IT security services need to constantly improve to address the dynamic threat landscape by leveraging advanced analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence. These technologies enable the proactive identification of new threats and vulnerabilities so that security measures are always ahead of potential risks. Additionally, continuous monitoring and real-time threat intelligence gathering provide the agility to adopt defences as threats emerge.

    Whilst it may be possible to “get secure” in any single point-in-time, our experience tells us that most organisations struggle to maintain this profile in the face of both internal and external change. The recognition of this service design principle is at the heart of our Adaptive Asset Protection philosophy, a design and lifecycle management methodology that systems that evolve with changing asset risk profiles throughout their deployment in an enterprise.

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