A holistic approach to cyber security

Enhance business agility with security in your DNA

Cyber security is one of the biggest challenges your organisation faces today. Make security an intrinsic part of your digital fabric with our manageable, adaptable, resilient, and responsive approach.

To compete in the modern marketplace, businesses must be able to adapt to opportunities in real-time. This requires unprecedented levels of agility and flexibility while simultaneously meeting the highest standards of customer security and data integrity. You need a solution that weaves real-time security telemetry and response into every part of your digital fabric.

An integrated solution embedded within your business

Secure OnMesh integrates and orchestrates security across your entire digital ecosystem using hyperscale cloud-native platform, to provide automated intelligent insights that can be analysed and actioned in real-time.

Assess risk

Security Operations Centre (SOC)

Highly qualified, seasoned cyber response team on hand 24/7 to mitigate risks in real-time.

An integrated ecosystem

Security services

Security experts with an extensive portfolio of lifecycle security solutions combining strategy and excellence.

Recognise stages of attacks

Azure Sentinel

Scalable, cloud-native platform that delivers threat intelligence using data analytics across the business.

Align security strategy with operations

Cisco Secure X

Strengthens security across endpoints, cloud, network, and apps, through orchestration and automation.

Turn cybersecurity into a business enabler

A holistic solution stitched into all aspects of your operations, provides the confidence to help you digitally transform.

Secure IoT

Drive innovation through IoT solutions with a secure and trusted network.

Productive workplace

Support employee productivity through more secure and flexible remote working.

Data insights

Use insights to make better security decisions and decide on the best course of action.


Embark upon your journey with confidence and deliver agile solutions.

Gain deeper insights with greater efficiency

See and act on security threats at speed, so you can focus on higher-level, value-adding tasks. With Secure OnMesh you can:

  • Gain better security insights across your ecosystem
  • Deal with threats faster using automation
  • Predict incidents even before they occur
  • Allow staff to focus on higher-level tasks

Deeper Insights.jpg

Jersey Electric embedded security across their digital ecosystem to protect operations

Case Study

To focus on business priorities Jersey Electricity (JE), the largest supplier of electricity in the Channel Islands, needed the confidence that all operations were protected.

Why Logicalis?


Global presence, local execution

With a physical presence in 27 countries and experience working with global customers, we’re a #1 MSP in the mid-market sector, serving 10,000 customers worldwide.


End-to-end capabilities

We have unique consulting capabilities as well as managed services for implementing and running cloud solutions and managing the customer lifecycle.


Value-driven engagements

Occupying a space between GSIs, local specialist Sis and service providers, means our repeatable model is focused on simplicity, speed and agility to help clients achieve value faster, with less risk.


Industry specialists

Our network of 6,500 employees has strong expertise in architecting change in financial services, banking, healthcare, government, manufacturing and more.

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