Australia’s leading convenience store migrates to Cloud

Our client, Australia’s first choice in convenience, is a private company and leading retailer that conducts more than 190 million transactions a year, serving an average six customers per second, generating sales of approximately $3.6 billion.

Operating as a retailer but also a franchisor, our client needed to optimise their IT operations to keep their stores online with minimal fuss. A move to the Cloud with the ability to scale up and down their storage requirements as and when they needed, to avoid unnecessary spend was a key driver.

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There were a number of challenges involved in working on a project like this with active systems and a number of different stakeholders to coordinate, including vendors, client IT team and client employees.

TDL worked closely with the client to ensure the key steps in the migration journey were mapped out in terms of milestones. Any disruptions to their business were also highlighted and planned for during the phased migration.


The central IT team at the client head office was keen to have IT focussed on innovation and to optimise their environment to deliver faster services to the number of stores nationwide, instead of maintaining aging infrastructure.
TDL worked with the client from end to end starting with a Cloud Readiness Assessment to determine key server dependencies.

The team then worked on the migration plan, grouping the key workloads and applications from high to low in risk, identifying any that were unsupported. TDL worked closely with the program manager and other vendors involved in the process to ensure a smooth application migration and onboarding into Azure and eventually into a fully managed Cloud Service.


Our client successfully migrated 150 servers from the Data Centre to Microsoft Azure Cloud. The migration included a number of business critical systems including payroll, franchisee relationship manager system, CCTV file servers, FTP Servers and more.

IT are now able to focus on turning on services in the speed that their stores require, innovative business ideas can get to market and be realised quickly.

The franchisees are able to access the latest technology enablers to in-turn provide a superior customer experience in their stores