Journey Ambassadors

We talk a big game when it comes to hiring from within and promoting genuine career advancement. But if you want it, you can do it – or should we say, you can do it too. Our Logicalis Australia Journey Ambassadors are living proof – and you can meet them here. 


Coming from a large enterprise background, Logicalis represented an opportunity for Chris taccess more diverse projects and be more than just a cog in a machine. Through the connections he’s built with internal and external teamshe’s been able to make genuine impacts at Logicalis; more than purely customer and business outcomes also in professional success of colleagues - sharing knowledge, offering authentic views, and championing engineers around him.

“I recently accepted the Lead Architect role within our Cloud, Centre of Excellence team, where I will work closely with local and global peers across the Group. I am excited to see the outcomes of my efforts on a global scale in the near future. This is not a hierarchical place, I always feel comfortable speaking out and sharing my ideas.”


Aurelia joined Logicalis as a Network Analyst. Her insatiable thirst for knowledge, fresh challenge and continuous improvement – coupled with her assertive yet open and willing character – has resulted in rapid progression. She is currently our PICM Leader, but the sky is the limit for high achievers like Aurelia.

“The people, culture and career development opportunities here are amazing. The energy in the office is vibrant and fun - even if my day starts off on the wrong foot - I know that once I arrive in the office, someone is guaranteed to make me laugh! The people will share knowledge with anyone who is willing to learn and the supportive leaders funded travel to Melbourne and Brazil to roll out my initiatives.”





Perseverance, communication and teamwork are responsible for Rob’s successful career at Logicalis.

Starting as an Engineer, Rob has worked his way into leading a highly motivated team of over 30 Engineers and Solution Architects who deliver world class work.

I joined Logicalis because I wanted to work with the best people in the industry and, whilst I’d initially seen myself staying in an engineering role, I really enjoy the challenges leadership offers. Moving from an engineering role to technical sales, through to building up our Modern Workspace Practice has been a fantastic experience. I am inspired daily by people I work with who lift everyone up around them. We really only succeed as a team!

Being able to support our consultants and engineers to roll out best in class customer outcomes, and enable automation to improve our time to deliver is what has kept Elizabeth motivated. But it’s the company culture that first attracted Elizabeth to Logicalis, and it’s that that keeps her happy here.

I had initially thought that I would come in as a Project Manager and remain, in some way, within that job group. However, the leadership team at Logicalis Australia supported me to have a go at something different. They encouraged me to ignore fear of failure, so I was given the opportunity to take over the Hybrid Cloud Team Lead role, where I get to work closely with the cloud engineers.”




David’s tireless efforts to contribute to our business, and to our customers businesses, has proven fruitful in his career development. David has taken on every new challenge with grit and determination. Achieving incredible results as our Melbourne based Sales Manager made him the obvious choice to replicate success as our Sydney Branch Manager. 

“I joined as a Systems Engineer. My dream job in an organisation which continuously evolves, whilst staying true to its core. The people want to help each other, go above and beyond for great customer outcomes, and always strive for excellence. At Logicalis, we get out what we put in – this is a place where you can truly reach your potential.”