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Public Cloud

Thomas Duryea Logicalis Meridian is a comprehensive catalogue of cloud solutions, provided through a single distribution, billing and analytics platform. Even more importantly, it gives you simplified billing and analytics at no additional cost.

Meridian allows you to confidently procure and manage public cloud services, including AWS, Azure and OpenStack, through an online procurement portal. It combines cloud procurement capabilities with cloud management and governance tools, that enable you to adopt and utilise cloud services while reducing associated risks.

For a CIO, the Meridian Cloud Portal gives you the answers on how your cloud resources are performing and what the cost impact is. It gives you tools for assessing cloud efficiency based on detailed performance and cost metrics, across all deployments and environments.

For IT/DevOps, the ease with which instances and environments are deployed can have very costly side-effects with redundant allocations, completely unused resources and very limited visibility into who is responsible. Thomas Duryea Logicalis Meridian empowers the team to securely monitor and optimize their cloud deployment.

For the CFO, Thomas Duryea Logicalis Meridian provides clarity into cloud cost drivers, tools for cost allocation along with recommendations for optimising spend and increasing ROI. It also allows you to get a single monthly invoice in Australian dollars, rather than paying for cloud services on a credit card.

Challenges & Trends


The business benefits

Simplifies billing – get a single invoice, in Australian dollars

Reduces the complexity of multiple Cloud services

Allows you to manage multi-cloud deployments from a single pane of glass

Achieves higher cloud efficiency

Simulates “what-if” usage and pricing scenarios for accurate planning of capacity.