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Backup as a Service

For too many organisations, data protection and backup is the 300lb gorilla sitting in the corner of the room. Everyone knows it’s there, but no one wants to disturb it, in case it gets upset and something goes wrong.

Data protection infrastructure is too often considered a 'non-core' activity despite the rapidly increasing volume of data, demanding ever-growing storage capacity pinched by flat budgets and minimal resource increases. It's easy to put all this in the 'too hard basket'.

Too often an organisation's backupsolution is one of the most inefficient components of their IT environment, relying on struggling legacy systems and a hopeful 'fingers crossed' attitude. There are disparate backup and data protection technologies, tape libraries, media and offsite tape handling.

The top two data protection issues continue to be keeping pace with data growth and reducing backup and recovery times.

Researchers stress that this old world, traditional backup approach cannot go on. A new approach to data protection is necessary because IT budgets are simply not keeping pace with the escalating costs of supporting storage requirements. Organisations need this new approach to avoid the need to continually invest in CAPEX upgrades to meet capacity growth and backup infrastructure renewals.

Everything points to organisations moving away from 'do it yourself' (DIY) backup to an outsourced backup and data protection model, as provided by Thomas Duryea Logicalis.

Challenges & Trends


The business benefits

Reduced cost and risk (Cost-effective per-GB pricing model and periodic restoration testing)

Ability to scale. A scalable solution that grows with the organisation's data requirements with offsite protection via Logicalis Cloud 

Greater operational efficiency. Solves common customer backup challenges - financial, architectural (technical) and operational

Solves traditional backup challenges for Virtual, Physical, Midrange, Database, Remote office data and Desktop - Laptop environments on a single platform

Business-focused (Backup as a Service is built on SLAs, including backup success and committed recovery times)

Complete Range of Backup Solutions

Industry Insights